Students Collateral Pack: Wellbeing Posters and Postcards

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Postcards and posters that’ll help students strengthen friendships, manage stress and deal with whatever life throws at them.

Members of ReachOut Schools are eligible to receive one Student Collateral Pack and one Parents Collateral Pack each year. School-based professionals in Australia can learn more, sign up for free and access the discount code at ReachOut Schools. Please note that stocks are limited.

How to use them: Give them out during wellbeing lessons, run a lesson around them, put the posters up in your classroom, give them to your Wellbeing Team, and make sure your School Counsellor/Psychologist has a stack at the ready.

Pack contents

You’ll get a random selection from the following topics based on what’s available at the time:

  • 5 tips for feeling good about yourself
  • How to be a good friend
  • 3 ways to talk yourself up
  • Cheap ways to chill
  • 5 ways to be awesome at self-care


  • 60 postcards
  • 5 posters